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The New Way to Hear TV, Phone, PC and More!

Beltone is the only hearing aid company to offer 2.4 GHz wireless streaming of sound from your favorite devices, directly into your hearing aids. Hearing aid wearers can now receive crystal clear sound from the TV, PC, stereo, phone, and other audio sources, without wearing a relay device.

The Best Wireless System for Hearing Aids

By pairing your hearing aids with Beltone Direct Line Accessories, you'll enjoy a level of freedom never before achieved. For example, when you watch TV or listen to your stereo, the sound streams right into your hearing aids. You can adjust the volume to a comfortable level for you, without affecting what other hear. And, you can easily walk around the room and converse with companions—and still clearly hear your audio.

Beltone Direct Personal Audio Link (myPAL)

Direct Personal Audio Link (myPAL) Hearing Aids, Michigan Photo - Beltone Hearing Aid CentersOur newest Direct Line accessory, Beltone myPAL helps you hear exactly want you want to hear in noisy environments like restaurants, lectures, or meetings. A small, portable accessory, myPAL can be worn by someone you want to hear. MyPal picks up and streams their voice into your hearing aids, in virtual real time.

Beltone MyPAL can also be placed in front of a device, such as the television at a friend's house, to stream sound directly into your hearing aids. Plus, myPAL can be connected to your PC, iPAD, or MP3 player, to stream sound to your hearing aids. So, no matter where you go, you won't miss a moment.

Beltone Direct Line TV Link—
Entertainment at Your Own Personal Volume

Direct Line TV Link For Hearing Aids, Ohio Photo - Beltone Hearing Aid CentersBeltone Direct TV Link is the first direct-to-the-ear way to watch TV, whether you're alone or with others. Direct TV Link streams high-quality stereo sound from television, stereo and PC right into your hearing aids, without the need for a relay device or neck-loop. Enjoy the freedom to move about the room as you please. And, it's easy to converse with others, and still hear sound from your media devices.


Beltone Direct Phone Link—
The Key to Clear Phone Conversation

Direct Phone Link For Hearing Aids, Michigan Photo - Beltone Hearing Aid CentersSmall and lightweight, Betlone Direct Phone Link clips to a shirt or jacket. You hear the phone ring in your hearing aids. Simply press a button on Direct Phone Link to answer, and start talking. Leave the phone put away in your pocket or handbag. Hear the phone conversation in your hearing aids, hands-free—as if you were wearing a headset.


Beltone Direct Remote Control—
Total Control, When and Where It's Needed

Direct Remote Control From Hearing Aid Company, OH Photo - Beltone Hearing Aid CentersBeltone Direct Remote Control is a handheld device that lets you easily change sound volume and hearing aid programs. Its big screen and simple controls make it fast to start and adjust the volume on your TV, stereo and computer. And, you can make adjustments wherever you go. It's simple to see volume level, battery status and which program is in use.



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