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As the very first hearing aid manufacturer in America, Beltone has a rich 75 year history in providing the highest quality devices on the market. Beltone electronics is a pioneer in the industry, consistently pushing pushing the boundaries of research and development. In fact, Beltone was the very first manufacturer to release the now-famous Made For iPhone hearing aids and create an exciting hybrid of the health and technology industries. It’s not just our top end technology that excel in user reviews – every model of Beltone hearing aids provide the highest quality sound, housed in a sleek and waterproof casing.

Explore our range of products below, explained in a way that won’t leave you feeling clueless!

Almost Invisible

It’s only natural that you want your transition into wearing hearing aids to go unnoticed by the general public, it’s a private decision and you might not want to broadcast it to the world. We do understand that you want to find the smallest style that will still enhance your natural ability to hear, and that’s why you can benefit from wearing the most compact and discreet hearing aids on the market.

These devices are available in two main styles – one has the receiver nestled in the ear (RIE) which is fit custom to your ear for the ultimate in discretion, and the second is a nearly invisible receiver tucked behind the ear (BTE) which is available in a range of colors to match your skin color, hair, or even your athletic team if you are so inclined!



At Beltone we know that as a hearing impaired person, your number one objective is to live as close to your normal life as possible. Many of our patients have experienced normal hearing at some point in their lives and strive to get back to that lifestyle as seamlessly as possible.

The Beltone Legend product line offers not only the best sound quality available, but also connects wirelessly to iPhones and iPads by way of a free app – making talking on the phone or streaming music easier than ever. The Legend is the latest in “Made for iPhone” technology, though it is truly “made for everyone” as it is able to help in over 90% of hearing challenges.

Each of our connected hearing aids comes standard with the very best available features and means that wearing hearing aids may start to give you even more than you had before.

Super Power

You deserve to have better hearing, no matter how profound the loss that the audiogram results show. That’s why we offer you a range of premium products that will allow you to get more out of every day, enjoying scenarios you previously would have avoided due to your discomfort in social interactions.

These devices deliver sharp sound quality and with the advanced directionality feature, you receive greater clarity of speech, particularly in challenging or noisy scenarios. This means that you can wear your hearing aids outside and be certain to hear more comfortably. Quite simply you get all the advanced audiological features available in our other devices with the power to handle your loss.

The Bold and Boost products are Beltone’s super power product lines. The Bold line gives maximum volume and clarity without annoying whistling, and the Boost line takes it a step further by offering wireless connectivity to iPhones, making talking on the phone with severe hearing loss easier than ever.


Regardless of your individual circumstances there is a hearing aid solution to meet your budget. Our Essential product line delivers maximum features at affordable prices. This means that you can access the very latest of technology, perhaps without some of the latest of features and delivers you a simple result of hearing better. Not everyone requires all that the best technology has to offer and our promise is to help you find the perfect solution to your unique circumstances. With both custom and open fit products available, better hearing has never been more affordable.


In order for you to truly experience better hearing, you need to be able to adjust quickly, discreetly, and comfortably between different types of sound environments. That is why we offer a range of dependable connections to your essential communication devices.

TV Streamer

Sends crystal clear stereo sound directly to your Beltone hearing instruments from the TV, computers and many other audio sources over a range of at least 30 feet and reconnects if you leave the room and return within 5 minutes. You don’t have to wear anything but the hearing instruments.


Remote Control


Offers a clear visual display to monitor the status of your Beltone hearing aids as you easily change programs, adjust volume and switch to TV wireless streaming mode. Key lock makes it easy to transport without having to worry about accidentally changing settings.

Phone Link

For those of you without an iPhone, this useful accessory sends sound from a mobile phone directly to Beltone hearing aids, allowing you to answer or end calls with the push of a button. Download the app for Android and iPhones to control all features.The mobile phone itself can be up to 30 feet away from the phone clip and can even be left in a pocket during use.


My Pal


Delivers sound directly to Beltone hearing instruments from a streaming iPod/mp3 audio device over a range of up to 30 feet. The Mini-Mic is an excellent companion microphone or portable streamer.



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