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Gary Kade

As a licensed, Senior Master Hearing Care Practitioner, Gary Kade knows what it takes to help people who are hard of hearing.  Gary combines his knowledge, compassion, and thoughtfulness, with Beltone’s leading technology to help people hear better.  Over the years, he has helped countless people hear birds, grandchildren, spouses and friends, improving their quality of life immeasurably.  His dedication to this practice has resulted in several awards for his outstanding commitment to patient care.

Gary has been married to his wife, Lisa, for 24 years.  They have two sons, Ryan and Austin.  As a HUGE baseball fan, Gary has coached his sons in baseball and was instrumental in building a travel baseball team.  He also has coached youth football teams in his spare time.  When not coaching sports, the Kade family can be found at their cottage in Northern Michigan, frequently hosting their friends!

According to Gary, the greatest professional accomplishment, is not the awards, it is helping people, one by one, hear better to improve their quality of life. To Gary, “helping someone hear again is like hitting a walk off home run:  both feel great!”

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