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Greg Harris

Greg Harris has always found fulfillment in helping people achieve their goals. As a high school athlete, he thrived in helping the team more than gaining any individual achievements. He played varsity football, basketball and baseball and although not good enough to earn any college scholarships he did achieve all-state honors one year in basketball. After high school, he went on to Kalamazoo Valley Community College and Western Michigan University.

Before joining Beltone, Greg’s first position in sales was with an audio and video retailer while attending college and he has been in sales ever since. After achieving modest success his first two years, he was promoted to management, where he was named manager of the year working for a 45 store chain. After being promoted to district manager and overseeing all aspects of opening four additional stores in the Boston, MA, area, he was chosen among 55 applicants as the company’s first sales management trainer.

He remained in the audio/video sales field for many years until joining Beltone a little more than five years ago. Sharing tears of joy with an entire family of someone he just helped hear was an experience like any other and he found that fitting the hard-of-hearing public with hearing aids was more rewarding than he could have imagined.

During his five plus years with Beltone, Greg has received many awards for production and also opened a second office that has helped the company achieve unprecedented success. But improving the quality of life for someone who can’t hear well is by far the greatest reward.

In his free time,Greg loves to ride his Harley Davidson with his wife, his four kids, and many new and old friends who ride. Two of his kids like sports almost as much as he did at their age and he has helped coach his daughters’ basketball teams over the years. He and his wife also enjoy playing pool. They competed to win a national tournament and earned a trip to Las Vegas, where they competed against the best amateur pool players in the country. They didn’t win the tournament; however,they did get married while there, so they felt like they won big!

Many of Greg’s goals in life have been met, thanks to Beltone and his sights are set on helping many more hundreds of people hear better and enjoy life with their family and friends for years to come.




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