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Davison, MI


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Mike Jaremba

Mike Jaremba has been a Board Certified Hearing Care Professional with Beltone since 1996.  He has served the greater Flint and Owosso areas, helping his patients with expertise and enthusiasm.  He makes helping his patients a great experience and enjoys the challenge of improving the quality of life for the people in his care.  Mike has a great sense of humor and enjoys the interesting stories his patients love to share with him.

Mike has worked in the service industry his entire working career.  For 22 years, he was employed with Thom McAn Footwear Company, starting as part-time sales, then to store manager and district management.  An integral part of his tenure was training employees in customer service and problem solving, which he still utilizes today with his patients.  Mike has also served on his local school board for over 20 years.

Mike and his high school sweetheart, Marcia, have just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and the birth of their first grandchild, Lily.  They have four daughters, dogs, cats, and chickens.  Their old farmhouse often requires a hefty dose of Mike’s problem solving skills!  His hobbies include electronics, history, Biblical apologetics, and the Detroit Tigers.




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