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David Leitz

Dave Leitz came on board to the Sound Hearing team back in March of 2016. In the 2 plus years servicing our patients Dave has risen through the ranks, first he became a Master Hearing Practitioner in his first year with Beltone. The following year he became an Advanced Master Hearing Practitioner.

He has spent most of his life in the Medical industry; most recently owning and operating a company that assisted people with range of motion recovery after major surgery. While this was rewarding, Dave knew there was something greater out there for him. He became intrigued with the hearing care industry after a colleague mentioned how gratifying it is to help someone hear better – an appropriately fit hearing aid can immediately, and positively, transform lives.

Dave spends many of his days reading and learning more about how to help his patients hear better. Dave takes pride in the fact that he has a great relationship with his patients. He never makes a patient that is having trouble hearing wait more than a day to get in and see him. He comes in early and stays late often to be able to help his patients.

When not at work, Dave spends his time with his family. His wife Kristina, daughter Kylee and son Olan. He has coached soccer for 11 years and spends his time mentoring young children through girl scouts and cub scouts. He enjoys fishing and golfing with his 9-year-old son. When Dave and his wife have time alone they like to get on their motorcycle and ride up the shore of lake Michigan.

Dave demands much of himself – he prides himself on providing the best, personalized care to his patients. Combined with Beltone’s superior product line, he will ensure that his patients are hearing the best they can at all times. Please make an appointment with Dave at our St. Joseph or Niles location.

David Leitz, Hearing Care Practitioner



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