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Peter Belkovski

In his life prior to the world of hearing, Peter Belkovski performed as a professional singer and musician and earned two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Skopje Macedonia. While he still entertains on special occasions, he discovered, that as a result of years of his musical involvement with drumming, he developed in his left ear a hearing loss known as Carhart Notch, which is associated with stapedial fixation and affects the area around the middle of the critical speech area. Since this discovery, he became interested in trying to find a way to improve the hearing of others and educate them on how to prevent hearing loss from worsening.

On the path to his new-found involvement with hearing improvement and educating others, Peter obtained his Michigan Hearing Care Practitioner license and also his Ohio Hearing license. His interest continued to grow, and he then became involved with Beltone. Since 1999, he has been successfully leading the three Beltone Hearing companies located in Michigan and Ohio. Peter specializes in hard-to-fit hearing loss cases, and has helped stabilize and improve the hearing and the understanding of hearing loss in close to 7,000 ears! That’s a lot of ears! It’s no wonder that he’s the Supervisor of nine growing Beltone offices in NW Ohio and has been honored with every award from Beltone Corporation, including one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings in the country.

Peter is known for his tenacious work ethic, educating others, and helping his fellow Hearing Care Practitioners learn how to best fit patients with the latest technology, satisfying even the toughest hearing losses, where others have failed. Most notably, however, Peter is known for his infectious smile and laugh. His patients love him, and it is evident by their many referrals and hundreds of video testimonials and letters of appreciation.

To sum it all up, Peter has three loves: his family, music and helping people. His beautiful wife of 42 years keeps Peter and the family focused on their daily lives. His three adult children are in college and high school. The oldest, his son, is in a prestigious music school in New York;the oldest daughter is a singer, in business school, and works along side her father part time, helping the world hear better. The youngest daughter is a straight “A” high school student, takes advanced math classes, and is proud to proclaim that she has never missed day of school!

With one of Peter’s strengths being giving, he is a bone marrow donor and even donated a kidney to his godfather. His biggest reward from giving, though, is helping one more person hear Beltone better and passing on his knowledge to fellow Hearing Care Practitioners.


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