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Dave Duggan

Dave Duggan grew up in Bloomfield, a small village of 700 people in South Eastern Ontario. While attending high school, his parents relocated to New Jersey by their employer, but Dave decided to stay in his hometown to complete high school, and then onto college schooling at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. While in college, a summer job traveling the United States landed Dave a job offer in Michigan, and upon completion of his schooling, he made Michigan his home, since 1997.

Upon his marriage and starting his family in 2001, Dave Duggan searched and found a rewarding career helping people. After years of working for Beltone Hearing Centers in Belleville, Trenton and Allen Park, Michigan, Dave and long time Beltone owner Dan Fletcher launched Sound Hearing III in Western Michigan in August of 2010. At that time, they started with offices in Portage and Battle Creek MI. They have since expanded to outlying areas with satellite offices in St. Joseph, Allegan, Coldwater, Kalamazoo, andSturgis, Michigan.

Dave is known professionally for his attention to detail, his knowledge, his caring approach with patients, and most importantly, his knack for solving even the most difficult of hearing issues. Having worked with thousands of patients,he has successfully tailored hearing systems for even their most demanding needs. He is passionate about helping people, and working in the hearing industry affords him a career where he can support his family, do something he loves and is appreciated by every person he sees on a daily basis. Dave enjoys spending time with his patients, learning of what they are passionate about and enjoy, and helping them achieve their goals. His patients say he is quick to smile, has a ready laugh, and genuinely loves the people he works with.

Dave is an annual award winning hearing specialist with Beltone. His awards include Advanced Practitioner, Senior Practitioner, Senior Master Practitioner, Power Ranking award winner, and bi-neural award winner, to name a few.

When Dave isn’t working at one of his offices, you can most likely find him spending time with his wife and three children, coachingtwo of his son’s hockey teams and being a spectator at his daughter, Allison’s, soccer games. Dave enjoys golfing, playing hockey, movies, reading, wake boarding, exercising, and all hands-on activities including car repair and home improvement. Dave’s nickname among his family is ‘get-er-done Duggan’ since he always has a task on the go and doesn’t procrastinate. Dave is a Michigan football fanatic, and on game day Saturdays, you can find him bright and early in Ann Arbor for a tailgate and a Michigan football game.

Dave would like to be remembered as a loving husband and father, a great friend, and someone who touched everyone he met in a positive way.




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