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Your Specialists

Susan Giles

Susan Giles is a Senior Master Hearing Care Practitioner. She is an expert at customizing a solution for those with hearing loss and has helped thousands of people from all walks of life. Susan is known to give first class care and frequently receives referrals from family and friends of satisfied patients.  She is recognized nationally as one of the top Hearing Care Practitioners for Beltone year after year. Susan is consistently identified by those with whom she helps as having a personal interest in improving their overall quality of life.

Before joining Beltone, Susan has always been involved in helping people improve their lives. She is known to have spent countless hours volunteering to help children improve academically and socially. Susan also guided women of domestic violence as a Victim Advocate in the legal system for First Step.  She learned many lessons from her volunteer work by building relationships, giving others personal value and improving countless lives on a daily basis.

Upon graduation from Western Michigan University, Susan received a Bachelor of Science degree. She is a state licensed Hearing Care Practitioner and is a member of IHS, International Hearing Society.

Susan enjoys spending time with her husband Dave, and daughters Gabrielle and Alyssa. On the weekends, she can be seen boating, golfing, traveling, working out and watching MSU athletics. She grew up with a twin sister and three brothers and is described by family as having a genuine concern and compassion for people. Susan laughs often, enjoys life, and is a bit competitive.

Email:  sgiles@beltonehearingaid.com

Susan Giles 10-2015

Roy Andrews

Shortly after Roy Andrews graduated from Central Michigan University in December 2000 he started down his path of helping the world hear better. In early 2006 he moved to the Detroit metro area where he reconnected with a friend from college named Kimberly which he wed July 2008. They currently two little boys Chase age 4 and Keegan age 2. Roy is a family man he loves his wife and boys more than anything in the world. He loves day trips with the family and making memories of the times you can never get back.

In December 2006 Roy started his career with Beltone in Southgate, MI. Over the last 9 years Roy has helped over 1200 people get back to hearing better. Roy enjoys spending time with his patients, his professional and caring attitude is easy to see when he is with anyone in his office. All of his patients would agree that Roy does care for their hearing needs and he knows how to program their hearing devices to give them better understanding and improved quality of life.

Anyone that knows Roy knows after his love for his family and hearing career his next passion is Detroit area sports teams. He bleeds blue, not just Beltone blue but also Maize and Blue. He watches or attends most Tigers games, he cheers for the Lions even though he knows they more often than not will break his heart. He rides the Red Wing highs and from time to time even has a chance to have seats on the glass, best seats ever thanks Mr. Fletcher!

In the last 8 years with Beltone Sound Hearing Inc, Roy has achieved Senior Master Practitioner status, Beltone’s highest annual honor for a Hearing Care Practitioner six times.

“Helping people hear better is my passion. I love that every day I am connecting people to not only missed sounds but also missed experiences. Hearing better is key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. If your goal is to hear better, I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.”- Roy Andrews



Ruth Klemans

“Ruth to the Rescue” is the way many of Ruth Klemans’s colleagues describe her work ethic. Quick to trouble shoot an issue with hearing aids, hearing aid programming or something more mundane like paperwork, or brainstorm solutions to issues that arise, Ruth’s willingness to jump right in is indicative of her drive to help others. As the Outreach Coordinator for Beltone Hearing Care Centers, this drive is never more obvious than the snowy days, rainy days or blazing hot days, when, equipment in tow, Ruth is on the road to help homebound individuals by assessing their hearing loss, fitting new hearing aids or troubleshooting when hearing aids aren’t working as well as expected. Her patients are mostly those who are unable to come to the office, yet recognize the important role good hearing plays in being able to safely age in place and have loving and satisfying relationships with their families. She has been commended by patients, families, social workers and other health care professionals for the compassion, kindness, care and professional help provided to her patients.

Ruth also plays a major role as an advocate to the community-at-large regarding the important role good hearing plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships.  Combining her thirst for the most current information about hearing loss and available treatments with an effusive personality, she coordinates and executes seminars, clinics and discussion groups about hearing loss and its effects on individuals and their families.

Ruth holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Detroit and is a licensed Hearing Care Practitioner in the State of Michigan.

Known locally for her quick wit, she enjoys a good joke, a long run, a happy Labrador and a good “Friday dance.”

Ruth Head Shot 01_15_10

Terry Masserant

Terry Masserant has worked at Beltone Hearing for 29 years. She is State Licensed and Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. Terry has been recognized for her integrity and excellent patient care while helping those with hearing loss.  She has received Senior and Master Hearing Care Practitioner awards nationally throughout her career.  She has helped thousands of patients all of whom she treats like family. Her patients describe her as fun, caring and unconditional.

Terry has learned many lessons from her patients all while improving their quality of life. She has made many home calls to those who were home-bound. She has been serving others through her volunteer work and dedicating her time and talents at church.

She has had a rewarding journey of helping people hear better through all walks of life. The challenges of helping them hear better has made a great impact on her life.

When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her nine grandchildren. She loves to play cards, go to the casino and zumba.




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