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National Award Winners Again!

Of all of our senses, one of the most intricate and important is your ability to hear. Being able to communicate with those around you can help keep you from harm, give you important information and enable you to become social with others. Even if your hearing is only slightly impaired, not hearing others or what is going on around you can become frustrating and dangerous. Before hearing aids, people would often resort to either asking speakers to repeat themselves, or they would just not get the information they need for fear of embarrassment. Hearing aids have improved the quality of life for millions of people around the world and constant improvements being made to these devices has made them smaller and more effective than ever.

Innovating the Hearing Aid Industry

national-award-2One company that has become the innovator in the hearing aid industry is Beltone. Beltone has always been at the forefront of hearing aid technology and has always been considered the leader in hearing device sales and service.

Within the Beltone family, a further recognition of a long term commitment to patient care is the prestigious Circle of Excellence award.

Your local Beltone has won the Circle of Excellence award yet again. In fact, the network of locations across Michigan and North Ohio has been awarded this industry honor 5 times and is the first to ever reach this level! That certainly says a lot about the company. The Circle of Excellence awards program recognizes outstanding work by companies who are committed to their patients, their profession and their community. These awards are given annually to the industry’s best who have shown their ability to balance their corporate mission with their customers’ needs.


Not only has your local Beltone become the most awarded specialty hearing device company, they are long term committed to helping the world hear better. By providing higher levels of after sale service and support, Beltone has won the business of people with hearing problems across the country.

If you, or someone close to you is unsure of their current hearing abilities and has not recently been evaluated by a professional, contact Beltone today and find out more about your unique circumstances and the options available to help assist.

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