What To Expect At Your Hearing Screening

If this is your first hearing screening experience since you were in elementary school, then you might have some apprehension about the entire experience. What will it be like? What should you bring with you? Where will you park? You might feel anxious about finding out your results or excited about the possibility of gaining a new lease on life, and you definitely have questions that only a specialist can answer.

Our specialists are truly special, and there is no one who can explain what happens in the test room than our very own… Watch the video below to find out more.

Don’t worry! From the moment you confirm your hearing screening with the Beltone location closest to you, you become part of our family. If you haven’t yet called in to one of our offices, we suggest you give it a try – we guarantee you will crack a smile when you hear one of our friendly and knowledgeable Patient Care Coordinators answer the phone to greet your call.

You are given your appointment time, which will then be followed up by email or phone to confirm your attendance and a little bit more information about the specialist you will be seen by. Every single one of our Hearing Care Practitioners has gone through rigorous training, testing, certification, and continuing education courses, so you can be certain that you are in good hands.

When considering your appointment time and preparing to leave for your appointment, you might want to consult with your spouse or significant other to see if they can join you for your appointment. The benefit of bringing someone very familiar with you on your appointment is actually twofold. First, they will no doubt be appreciative of the understanding they will gain from hearing the practitioner speak, and also from the various hearing health educational materials that we have around the office. Also, you will want to have a familiar sounding voice to be sure your prescription is accurate should you have a hearing loss and are fit with hearing aids.

Arriving at our office, you will be treated like a star. If it is your first time coming to see your specialist, you will want to arrive 15 minutes early. When you walk through the doors, you will immediately be welcomed by the Patient Care Coordinator. While being sat comfortably you complete a simple form that provides your specialist with a detailed picture of your relevant medical and hearing health history. Enjoy a hot or cold beverage of your choice while you complete any necessary paperwork, and maybe even indulge in a sweet or two. We know your time is valuable and we make ever effort to see every patient on time, every time.

Choosing Beltone means you are treated as a person, not a hearing loss. We understand that every patient has different needs and preferences, and the more you are informed of your current situation, the results of your test will mean opportunities and not disappointment. Your specialist will prescribe you with their best and most professional recommendation of one of our cutting edge digital hearing aids, keeping in mind your personal circumstances, and will find a hearing solution that fits your specific needs, as well as your budget.

If you are a candidate for hearing aids and are fit with one of our luxurious Beltone products, you are then a lifetime member of Beltone Blue, and can enjoy receiving care at any of our convenient national locations – for life.